Memories of Paintings

Director and artist Thomas Blanchard’s vimeo page features a set of ethereal videos bursting with colour.

“Memories of Paintings” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, oat milk and soap liquid.

You can even find Blanchard’s visuals advertising the iPhone X’s screen.

Blanchard has partnered up with another artist known as Oilhack to produce a series of these experimental videos under the pseudonym WeAreColorful.

These stunning compositions are created with only a few household ingredients and a macro lens, yet no two frames in the entire collection of videos look alike. Each frame contains a unique universe of colour.

The duo’s awe-inspiring collection culminates in the piece titled “Galaxy Gates”, with images that bring the paint to life with swift and natural movements that resemble organic matter, much like peering into a colourful living cell.

« Galaxy gates » is the pride of our collection. It is the result of a 4 months long job. Due to the very high selection standards, less than 2% of the shots taken were used to create this immersive video. First, paints are mixed, then they are “opened”, a specific process that we have worked out while on a trip in Japan.

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