Brand ID Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Brand ID Design project cost?

Every Brand ID Design project is unique and different based on the specifics of the business, the industry, the audience, and the budget. As such, the cost can vary widely based on the scope of the project. An estimate must be calculated for each project individually. However, the overall cost typically includes:

  1. A fee for the Designer's services based on the project’s workload.
  2. Additional hires and expenses inherent to the multidisciplinary nature of the branding process. The steps that might include either are noted in the workflow table above with the following icons for reference:
    • Signifies that a third-party hire might be necessary. For instance, an intellectual property attorney might be required if the client wishes to perform a trademark search and registration for the Naming, Slogan, or Logo Design. The Colour Scheme and Visual Language can also be registered as a trademark, although, it’s usually less pressing than the previous. Note that a brand mark doesn’t necessarily need to be registered in order to grant ownership and be valid as a trademark claim. However, it’s advisable for high-profile brands to secure trademarks in order to mitigate any potential risks.
    • Details possible additional expenses. For example, purchasing font licenses might be necessary for the Logo Design and Typeface Selection. Although there are plenty of free fonts that can be used commercially at no charge, it is typically advisable to invest in a set of premium fonts carefully crafted by a master type designer. Superior typography optimizes readability and gives your brand’s voice a unique and distinctive flair that will catch the consumer’s attention and project a high perceived quality, making a remarkable difference during the buying decision process in the mind of the consumer. Investing in good typography increases the intrinsic value of your brand.

Most of the third-party hires and additional expenses listed on this workflow are optional and, for those which are highly-recommended or mandatory, there are a variety of options suited for different budgets.

How does it benefit my business?

All the brands that belong to a common market compete for the consumers’ attention and loyalty. A strategic approach to designing a Brand ID that stands-out from the competition and engages the audience aims to increase competitive leverage and gain a larger share of the market, which translates to more revenue.

The value of a brand, or “Brand Equity”, represents the level of quality that consumers associate with such brand. Once a brand becomes established on a particular market and gains a base of loyal consumers, the increase in Brand Equity allows the business to charge more for their products/services. A “hidden tax” that consumers are willing to pay for continued satisfaction from a familiar brand, as compared to the risk of trying-out a lesser brand for the first time with disappointing results.

A brand is an intangible accountable asset. Along with real estate, machinery, and any other asset that your business owns, it constitutes the value of your business. Designing a strong Brand ID inherently increases the value of your business.

What should I do after the Brand ID is designed?

Once the Brand ID Design project is concluded, the new Brand ID needs to be communicated to the audience through a process called Brand Activation.

This typical includes launching your business, establishing an online presence (website and social media), and promoting your business through different advertising channels (Facebook ads, email newsletters, billboards, magazine ads, advertorials, tradeshow stands, networking, …).

Do you also design websites / Facebook ads / etc.?

Yes, the list of design services I offer include:

  • Strategic Design Consultancy
  • Art Direction / Creative Direction
  • Brand ID Design
  • Package Design (2D)
  • Web Design (UX & UI)
  • Web App (UX & UI)
  • Mobile App (UX & UI)
  • Online Ad (Facebook & GDN)
  • Email Newsletter Template
  • Landing Page (UX & UI)
  • Stickers
  • Flyer
  • Poster
  • Banner
  • Billboard
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Booklet
  • Book
  • Vehicle Graphics

What if I already have a Brand ID and I just want to change some things?

Whether you need to (A) fine-tune some details of your existing visual identity or (B) perform a complete overhaul of your Brand ID, the workflow is quite similar to the one listed above, with the addition of a Brand Analysis (also known as “Brand Audit”) during the Brand Research stage.

"Brand ID Workflow" by Boris Hrncic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. All code and content is available on Github

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