Why I took portraits
(of my feet) around the world

Back in 2013 I left Park City, Utah for a month long solo trip through the Californian coast. During my last days in Park City, a warm, sunny spring day, I was kinking back barefoot in a picnic from a mountain hiking trail overviewing the old town.

I snapped a photo of the old town in the valley and my lower legs where in frame. I didn’t think too much of it. After two and a half years of traveling it ended up becoming a series of 42 pictures in 41 cities from 17 countries. A little art project documenting my journey as well as the progress of new tattoos on my feet and leg (no, it has nothing to do with fetishes).

1. Park City, USA
2. San Francisco, USA
3. Santa Barbara, USA
4. San Clemente, USA
5. Oceanside, USA
Got nothing against the good people from Oceanside. I arrived to a hostel that had lost my reservation and a fully booked city for the Ironman competition. After a full day of walking with my backpack trying and failing to find accommodation, I had to give up and take the next train to San Diego in the evening.
6. San Diego, USA
7. Coronado, USA
8. Los Angeles, USA
9. Santa Monica, USA
10. Mar del Plata, Argentina
11. Las Vegas, USA
12. Arizona desert, USA
13. Park City, USA
14. Edinburgh, Scotland
15. Leeds, England
16. Cardiff, Wales
17. London, England
18. Lille, France
19. Brussels, Belgium
20. Rotterdam, Netherlands
21. Amsterdam, Netherlands
22. Frankfurt, Germany
23. Hamburg, Germany
24. Berlin, Germany
25. Prague, Czechia
26. Vienna, Austria
27. Munich, Germany
28. Milan, Italy
29. Como, Italy
30. Venice, Italy
31. Zagreb, Croatia
32. Plitvice, Croatia
33. Zadar, Croatia
34. St Petersburg, Russia
35. Tallinn, Estonia
36. Budapest, Hungary
37. Rijeka, Croatia
38. Lošinj, Croatia
39. Osor, Croatia
40. Ljubljana, Slovenia
41. Lake Bled, Slovenia
42. Samobor, Croatia


Start of the trip
Copycats in Balboa Park, San Diego
Other tourists joining me in Charles Bridge, Prague

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