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Why Did Ozu Cut To A Vase?

by Nerdwriter1 / Art / 23 August 2023

Sci-Fi Illustration

by Chris Moore / art / 15 August 2023

Brutalist Illustration

by Manuel Cetina / art / 13 August 2023

Goku eating Tattoo

by Yaza tattoo / art / 11 August 2023

Comic Illustration

by Evan M. Cohen / art / 05 August 2023

Heraldic Map of Europe

by u/von_cilli / Art / 22 July 2023


by Sebastian Pi�rek / Art / 05 July 2023

Winner of the 2023 Drone Photography Awards.

Rick Rubin on The Creative Act, Overcoming Ego, and Enjoying the Process

by Daily Stoic / Podcast / 26 June 2023

In this episode of the Daily Stoic Podcast, Ryan speaks with Rick Rubin about his new book The Creative Act: A Way of Being, the importance of allowing creativity to happen rather than willing it into existence, working with the unique facets of the artist�s ego, the importance of changing up the way that you do things, the phases of the creative process, and more.

Turtles sculpture

by Yurii Myketka / Art / 25 June 2023

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